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  • Dogging Tales

    Dogging Tales

    Meet the people who have sex in front of strangers in public in a compelling documentary that looks at how and why they do it

  • 12 Year Old Lifer

    12 Year Old Lifer

    An extraordinary insight into a murder that gripped and baffled America and that led to a 12-year-old boy being sentenced to 30 years in jail

  • Skint


    Provocative and revealing documentary stories of how people survive without work

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  1. 24 Hours in A&E 24 Hours in A&E

    With 91 cameras filming round the clock, 24 Hours in A&E offers unprecedented access to one of Britain's busiest A&E departments, at King's College Hospital [S] [AD] More on 24 Hours in A&E

    Next on: Wednesday 23 July, 11.10PM on More4

  2. Kids and Guns Kids and Guns

    Some American parents consider teaching children to shoot a fun family experience. But more than 3000 children are accidentally shot each year. This documentary explores the world of child shooters. More on Kids and Guns

    Next on: Thursday 31 July, 10PM on Channel 4

  3. Undercover Boss USA Undercover Boss USA

    The American version of Undercover Boss shows high-flying executives taking extraordinary steps to ensure their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses [S] More on Undercover Boss USA

    Next on: Wednesday 23 July, 10AM on Channel 4

  4. Born in the Wild Born in the Wild

    From elephants to kangaroos, dolphins and orang-utans, Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg explore the wonderful and occasionally weird ways that animals make babies in hostile environments [S] [AD] More on Born in the Wild

    Last broadcast: Sunday 29 June, 8PM on Channel 4

  5. Rogue Baboon and Joy Reidenberg Inside Nature's Giants

    The award-winning series that gets under the skin of the largest animals on the planet, exploring their anatomy to reveal how these creatures really work [S] More on Inside Nature's Giants

    Last broadcast: 23 April 2012, on

  6. One Born series 5 One Born Every Minute

    A ground-breaking look at the drama and emotion of a maternity unit, from the perspective of the parents-to-be and the maternity ward staff [S] [AD] More on One Born Every Minute

    Next on: Wednesday 23 July, 9PM on Channel 4

  7. Child Genius Child Genius

    Highly gifted children aged between 7 to 12 take part in a competition, run in association with British Mensa, to find the UK's annual child genius [S] [AD] More on Child Genius

    Next on: Sunday 27 July, 9PM on Channel 4

  8. Royal Marines Commando School Royal Marines Commando School

    Behind the scenes of one of the most arduous basic military training programmes in the world [S] More on Royal Marines Commando School

    Next on: Monday 28 July, 9PM on Channel 4

  9. What Happens in Kavos... What Happens in Sunny Beach and Kavos...

    Documentary series following young Brits on holiday abroad, to see what really happens in the hedonistic party towns of Sunny Beach and Kavos, away from parents and surrounded by temptation [S] More on What Happens in Sunny Beach and Kavos...

    Next on: Thursday 24 July, 10PM on 4Music

  10. World's Worst Natural Disasters World's Worst Natural Disasters

    Documentary in which experts list the most significant natural disasters of all time, revealing the key moments that turned natural phenomena into human catastrophes More on World's Worst Natural Disasters

    Next on: Wednesday 30 July, 9PM on More4

  11. first_dates_wk13_ep7_625x352 First Dates

    The First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love [S] More on First Dates

    Next on: Wednesday 30 July, 1.05AM on E4

  12. The Secret Life of Students The Secret Life of Students

    The Secret Life of Students follows 12 freshers in their first year at university, exploring the drama of their new experiences and sharing their texts, tweets, pictures, videos and status updates [S] [AD] More on The Secret Life of Students

    Next on: Thursday 24 July, 10PM on Channel 4

  13. food_unwrapped_s2_jimmy_v2_brand Food Unwrapped

    Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbut present the food and science series that travels the world to lift the lid on what's really in the food we eat [S] More on Food Unwrapped

    Next on: Monday 28 July, 8.30PM on Channel 4

  14. big_fat_gypsy_weddings_carols_caravans_625x352 Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

    Revealing documentary series that offers a window into the secretive, extravagant and surprising world of gypsies and travellers in Britain today [S] [AD] More on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

    Last broadcast: 02 January 2014, on

  15. Speed with Guy Martin Speed with Guy Martin

    Motorcycle racer and mechanic Guy Martin undertakes a series of speed-based challenges, exploring the boundaries of physics and learning about the science of speed [S] More on Speed with Guy Martin

    Last broadcast: 19 January 2014, on

  16. Posh Pawn Posh Pawn

    From helicopters to Lamborghinis, mini-submarines and Hermes handbags, Posh Pawn uncovers the hidden world of high-end pawnbroking [S] More on Posh Pawn

    Last broadcast: Thursday 22 May, 8PM on Channel 4

  17. The Auction House The Auction House

    Behind the scenes with the eagle-eyed collectors, opportunistic dealers, super-rich customers, eccentric staff and magnificent artefacts of Lots Road Auction House [S] More on The Auction House

    Next on: Sunday 27 July, 9PM on More4

  18. The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle

    Documentary examining the enduring mystery surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, the legendary stretch of water that is the scene of many perplexing disappearances of ships and planes More on The Bermuda Triangle

    Next on: Wednesday 23 July, 9PM on More4

  19. Extreme A&E Extreme A&E

    Dr Kevin Fong investigates some of the world's most dangerous, diverse and demanding emergency medicine environments to uncover the science of saving lives [S] More on Extreme A&E

    Last broadcast: 19 June 2012, on

  20. The Mystery of the Nevada Triangle The Mystery of the Nevada Triangle

    An investigation of the 'new Bermuda Triangle' in America's Sierra Nevada mountains, where hundreds of aircraft have disappeared [S] More on The Mystery of the Nevada Triangle

  21. Beauty Queen or Bust Beauty Queen or Bust

    From Blackpool to Hull and Wolverhampton an exploration of the world of regional beauty pageants, charting the highs and lows of being a beauty queen [S] More on Beauty Queen or Bust

    Next on: Thursday 24 July, 2.05AM on 4seven

  22. Dirty Weekenders in France: Richard E. Grant Dirty Weekenders in France: Richard E. Grant

    Richard E. Grant joins professional antique dealers as they search France for treasures to sell back home in the UK [S] [AD] More on Dirty Weekenders in France: Richard E. Grant

    Last broadcast: Sunday 13 April, 8PM on Channel 4

  23. The Million Pound Necklace: Inside Boodles Inside Rolls-Royce and Boodles

    A privileged peek into the exclusive world of luxury brands Rolls-Royce and Boodles [S] [AD] More on Inside Rolls-Royce and Boodles

    Last broadcast: Sunday 23 March, 8PM on Channel 4

  24. Return of Jaws Return of Jaws

    Documentary featuring spectacular footage of great white sharks hunting among seal colonies off the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts [S] More on Return of Jaws

    Last broadcast: Wednesday 16 July, 9PM on More4

  25. Air France Flight 447 crashes into water Fatal Flight 447: Chaos in the Cockpit

    What happened in the cockpit of Air France Flight 447 during one of the most infamous flights in aviation history? [S] More on Fatal Flight 447: Chaos in the Cockpit

    Last broadcast: 16 September 2012, on

  26. mr_death_fred_leuchter_625x352 Mr Death

    Disturbing documentary about Fred A Leuchter Jr, inventor and supplier of lethal injection machines to the US prison system, and holocaust denier More on Mr Death

    Last broadcast: Wednesday 16 July, 1.10AM on Film4

  27. The Secret Millions The Secret Millions

    Channel 4 joins forces with the Big Lottery Fund to make £10 million available for radical ideas tackling some of Britain's big social issues [S] More on The Secret Millions

    Last broadcast: 28 April 2013, on

  28. Britain's Youngest Carers Britain's Youngest Carers

    Oritsé Williams from JLS has cared for his mother since he was 12. He explores how other young people manage to care for relatives and balance the responsibility with other childhood pressures. [S] More on Britain's Youngest Carers

    Last broadcast: Wednesday 09 July, 11PM on Channel 4

  29. 16 Kids and Counting 16 Kids and Counting

    What's life like when you have enough children to field your own football team? [S] More on 16 Kids and Counting

    Last broadcast: 09 April 2013, on

  30. Bodyshockers Bodyshockers

    From tattoos to piercings and big boobs, Katie Piper meets people planning major body modifications, and people who've already had them and regret it. Can they persuade the newbies to think again? [S] More on Bodyshockers

    Last broadcast: Thursday 20 February, 10PM on Channel 4

  31. Japan's Tsunami: How It Happened Japan's Tsunami: How It Happened

    The science behind the earthquake and tsunami that have devastated Japan [S] More on Japan's Tsunami: How It Happened

  32. Warhorse: The Real Story War Horse: The Real Story

    The extraordinary and deeply moving story of the million British horses that served in World War I [S] More on War Horse: The Real Story

    Last broadcast: 04 March 2012, on

  33. The Somme The Somme

    The story of the Battle of the Somme, told from an eyewitness perspective through the letters, diaries and journals written by the men who fought there [S] More on The Somme

  34. Mary's Silver Service Mary's Silver Service

    Mary Portas launches a pop-up employment agency to find jobs for Britain's overlooked and under-valued pensioners [S] More on Mary's Silver Service

    Last broadcast: Wednesday 18 June, 8PM on Channel 4

  35. Dinner at 11 Dinner at 11

    A group of 11-year-olds have a dinner party and discuss everything from family to politics, in this thought-provoking insight into what's important to today's young people [S] More on Dinner at 11

    Last broadcast: Monday 02 June, 10.50PM on Channel 4

  36. Undercover Boss Canada: Katharine Schmidt Undercover Boss Australia and Canada

    High-flying Australian and Canadian executives take extraordinary steps to ensure that their companies are fighting fit by going undercover in their own businesses [S] More on Undercover Boss Australia and Canada

    Last broadcast: Friday 14 February, 10AM on Channel 4

  37. Benefits Street Benefits Street

    This documentary series reveals the reality of life on benefits, as the residents of one of Britain's most benefit-dependent streets invite cameras into their tight-knit community [S] More on Benefits Street

    Last broadcast: Monday 17 February, 8.30PM on Channel 4

  38. My Granny the Escort My Granny the Escort

    A frank and intimate portrait of three mature British women who sell sex. How does their profession affect their family lives, and what motivates men to pay for sex with older women? [S] More on My Granny the Escort

    Last broadcast: Thursday 29 May, 10PM on Channel 4

  39. Bouncers Bouncers

    Series presenting an explosive portrait of Britain by night, seen through the eyes of the door staff who have to stay sober and clean up the mess of a binge-drinking nation [S] More on Bouncers

    Last broadcast: 21 November 2013, on

  40. My Last Summer My Last Summer

    Taboos around death can make it hard to cope with mortality. In this series, five terminally ill people talk frankly about their experiences as they face the last months of their lives. [S] More on My Last Summer

    Last broadcast: Wednesday 25 June, 10PM on Channel 4

  41. Meet the Mormons Meet the Mormons

    With unique access, this documentary follows a British Mormon as he seeks to convert people to his faith [S] [AD] More on Meet the Mormons

    Last broadcast: Thursday 26 June, 10PM on Channel 4

  42. OJ Simpson: Caught on Camera OJ Simpson: Caught on Camera

    A gripping examination of the OJ Simpson trial: the first trial as mass entertainment, a watershed in perceptions of America's legal system, and an allegory for ongoing tensions in American society [S] More on OJ Simpson: Caught on Camera

    Last broadcast: Wednesday 02 July, 9PM on More4

  43. 9/11: The Lost Tapes 9/11: The Lost Tapes

    Newly released recordings of military and air traffic control conversations offer a moving perspective on 9/11 and the fateful minutes that changed America forever [S] More on 9/11: The Lost Tapes

    Last broadcast: 19 April 2012, on

  44. Britain's Benefit Tenants Britain's Benefit Tenants

    Behind the scenes with two agencies on the front line of Britain's social housing crisis [S] [AD] More on Britain's Benefit Tenants

    Last broadcast: Thursday 12 June, 9PM on Channel 4

  45. The Complainers The Complainers

    In 2013, 38 million complaints were lodged against corporations in the UK. This series meets some of the country's most persistent complainers and the organisations who deal with their complaints. [S] [AD] More on The Complainers

    Last broadcast: Tuesday 10 June, 9PM on Channel 4

  46. cctv_series CCTV: Caught on Camera

    Britain is being watched by millions of CCTV cameras. But who are the people who are watching us, and do the cameras make us any safer? [S] More on CCTV: Caught on Camera

    Last broadcast: Monday 23 June, 10PM on Channel 4

  47. Trains with Pete Waterman Trains with Pete Waterman

    Pop music impresario Pete Waterman tells the full story of locomotion in the UK - a subject for which he has great passion [S] More on Trains with Pete Waterman

  48. Europe's Immigration Disaster Europe's Immigration Disaster

    On 3 October 2013, 360 people died when a boat carrying migrants from North Africa capsized near the Italian island of Lampedusa. This documentary tells the inside story of the tragedy. [S] More on Europe's Immigration Disaster

    Last broadcast: Tuesday 24 June, 11PM on Channel 4

  49. cOPPERS Coppers

    Filmed across Britain, from inner cities to country beats, Coppers reveals what the police are up against every day of their working lives [S] More on Coppers

    Last broadcast: 27 February 2012, on

  50. My-Daughter-the-Teenage-Nudist My Daughter the Teenage Nudist

    Documentary about Mollie and Alex, who are among a growing number of teens and twentysomethings embracing the world of public nudity [S] More on My Daughter the Teenage Nudist

    Last broadcast: 12 January 2012, on