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Race: Science's last taboo
A season exploring the concept of race and the impact this has on our society
what is race

We talk about ‘racism’ but do we really
understand what ‘race’ means?

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Race and Intelligence: Science’s Last Taboo
Rageh Omaar explodes the myths about race and IQ.
Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth episode 1
Examines the growing trend for de-racialisation surgery of the body.
The Event: How Racist Are You?
Are we all more racist than we realise or would like to admit?
The Human Zoo: Science’s Dirty Secret
Exploring the disturbing phenomena of early 20th century human zoos.
Is It Better To Be Mixed Race?
Is it a biological advantage to have parents of different ethnic backgrounds?
Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth episode 2
Examines the growing trend for de-racialisation surgery of the face.
The season in-depth
Who Are You Calling A Racist? Dominic Abrams
How racism is embedded in society without us realising it.
Power without Oppression? Dr Funke Baffour
Can we obtain power without oppressing people?
Interpreting Science by Bill Amos
Making sense of diverse research with reference to eugenics.
Race: A History
A history of the word and its place in science.
The New Language of Diversity by Kenan Malik
Why is race back on the modern social agenda?
Let’s Move On From Race by Jonathan Marks
Should we focus on social equality instead of gene pools?
Races, Faces, Sex and Science by Katrina Voss
Science writer and former broadcast meteorologist Katrina Voss looks at why we don’t all look the same.
A Eurovision of Beauty?
Dr Amina Mire explores the growing skin whitening industry
Aarathi Prasad
The Acceptable Face of Blackness
Krishnan Guru-Murthy
Racism or a Mismatch of Understanding?
Rageh Omaar
The Science of Underachievement
Ralph Lee
Science for the Good of All
Oona King
Poverty and Underachievement
In the past science has been used, to promote ideas of inequality.
Ralph Lee
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